Trans kids won’t be okay until non-binary is accepted

Another article published in Beyond the Binary:

Transgender children have been in the news spotlight recently, with unhelpful and misleading “debate” and sensationalised headlines. The impact this will have had on trans children and their families is considerable.

As a therapist who has mainly worked with children and young people, and a trans trainer for schools and colleges, all children’s welfare is very important to me. Because of their isolation and marginalisation, trans kids are particularly vulnerable to bullying, abuse, and poor mental health outcomes. We need to discuss trans kids, and the discussion needs to be well-informed. Read more


3 thoughts on “Trans kids won’t be okay until non-binary is accepted

  1. bone&silver

    Such a good informative article! My precious 12 yr old god daughter was born a boy, and has just started hormone blockers… such a tricky path we’re all on together now… her Lesbian Mum is AMAZING (I’ve just emailed her the link to your article), but the future will be complicated for sure. All we can do is be as loving and supportive as possible, thanks, gabrielle


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