Yuletide Peace and Empathy

I’m posting this video in which I am interviewed by Edwin Rutsch of the Center for Building a Culture of Empathy because it works well as a Yuletide message – a reminder to myself, as much as anyone else, of how we can hold onto the best of aspirations for ourselves and each other – to be good at relating, to communicate our feelings in ways that can be heard, to listen to and fully meet the difference in others. Because if I want a happier world I have to start building it myself, and inevitably I am going to sometimes get that wrong, but hopefully if I am clear in my intentions I will help more than I hinder.

Because the video is long, I have picked out a few segments that say things that are particularly important to me.

Here I speak about my reasons for starting this blog:

Here I explain why I think empathy should be at the heart of any feminist revolution, an expansion of my earlier blog on empathy:

Here I give my take on the privilege debate, something I previously blogged about:

Here I speak about anger and empathy within feminism and activism:

Here I talk a bit more about why in my blog on empathy I said “diagnosing and theorising about people without their involvement is inherently paternalistic – the very essence of a patriarchal approach” in response to transcritical debate from non-trans feminists:

Wishing everyone who reads this a peaceful Yuletide and a New Year full of hopeful connections and increased understanding.

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